AK Skunk Auto Feminized – Kalashnikov Seeds Review

Strain Review Guide for AK Skunk Auto Feminized Marijuana Seeds

AK Skunk Auto Feminized
AK Skunk Auto Feminized is a cannabis strain by Kalashnikov Seeds.

Breeder Description:

This reinforced autofowering variety of the original AK-47 strain is ideal for fast commercial growing, as its grungy guerilla-themed name implies. Reinforced with Skunk #1 and cross-bred with Ruderalis genetics, AK Skunk Auto became a strong psychedelic crop with dense and compact buds. The plants are very bushy and short, which makes them perfect for guerilla growing. The psychoactive effect is very strong, though very couch-like, predominantly effect.

Genetics of the strain are: AK-47 x Skunk #1 x Ruderalis and it is Indica / Sativa

Flowering time averages 55 – 60 days and this is an Autoflowering plant.

Typically seeds come in Feminized packs and the yield is around Indoors: 250 – 350 gr/m² & Outdoors: 500-700 gr/plant

This plant grows Short and can be grown: Greenhouse, Grows indoors, Grows outdoors

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