Apollo 11 Genius Regular – Bodhi Seeds Review

Strain Review Guide for Apollo 11 Genius Regular Cannabis Seeds

Apollo 11 Genius Regular
Apollo 11 Genius Regular is a cannabis strain by Bodhi Seeds.

Breeder Description:

Brothers grimm cindy and Apollo family releases have always been a treasure trove for quick finishing indoor sativa dominant plants, some people even say the closest they have ever gotten to the holy grail. It seems like c99 has gotten a lot of attention recently…and dont get us wrong, we love c99 for its big yields of zippy melony buds, but Bodhi Seeds real love is for the genius clone and herchildren a11 and a13. Apollo 11 is much deeper, psychedelic, feminine, motivating mind fire… with beautiful frosty extraterrestrial buds, peach hairs, and the aroma of pineapple melon cheetos. This release is Bodhi Seeds selection towards the geniuspheno, from fet of spice brothers selection towards the g pheno, from a large population of original brothers grimm a11 stock. Bodhi Seeds made these originally for themselves to cross into the genius and a13 clones, but its such an amazing plant they have decided to get these out asap, share the love, and hope you get as much enjoyment as they have from her. Look for the more bushy g phenos, some with atypical branching, great for scrog, nice yields, extreme bag appeal, extreme mind appeal….. beautiful stuff!

Genetics of the strain are: and it is Sativa Dominant

Flowering time averages and this is an Photoperiod plant.

Typically seeds come in Regular packs and the yield is around High

This plant grows Motivating, Psychedelic and can be grown: Grows indoors, Grows outdoors

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