Auto Skywalker Feminized – Mephisto Genetics Review

Strain Review Guide for Auto Skywalker Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Auto Skywalker Feminized
Auto Skywalker Feminized is a cannabis strain by Mephisto Genetics.

Breeder Description:

Skywalker displays exactly the next generation of Mephisto, Artisanal quality.The photoperiod Skywalker cut that we selected to work with for this project was something that we ran perpetually, and as soon as someone tried it once they remembered it forever – we’d always be asked… more Skywalker, more Skywalker. The aromas and terpenes were very distinctive, and very strong, and these have certainly transferred through to our auto version. Skywalker is NOT a low odour variety, we’d recommend you have your filtration in tip top condition.The smoke on this lady is superb and she’s one of our choice strains to run for bubble-hash, it makes some really fine melty product.

Genetics of the strain are: Skywalker Kush Cut (DNA Genetics) x Triangle F3 and it is Indica Dominant

Flowering time averages 65 – 70 days from germination and this is an Autoflowering plant.

Typically seeds come in Feminized packs and the yield is around Up to 800 gr/plant

This plant grows Medium and can be grown: Greenhouse, Grows indoors

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