Blue Mystic Feminized – Nirvana Seeds Review

Strain Review Guide for Blue Mystic Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Blue Mystic Feminized
Blue Mystic Feminized is a cannabis strain by Nirvana Seeds.

Breeder Description:

Blue Mystic was especially selected for its soft blue hues, which appear roughly halfway into flowering. Blue Mystic presents itself in a very similar manner to Northern Light, showing all the desirable qualities of that marijuana strain, with the added appeal of its own colourful appearance and the faintly berry-like aftertaste of its smoke.

Genetics of the strain are: and it is Indica Dominant

Flowering time averages 7-9 weeks and this is an Photoperiod plant.

Typically seeds come in Feminized packs and the yield is around Indoor: 350 – 450 gr/m²

This plant grows Short and can be grown: Grows indoors

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