Locomotion Regular – TGA Subcool Seeds Review

Strain Review Guide for Locomotion Regular Cannabis Seeds

Locomotion Regular
Locomotion Regular is a cannabis strain by TGA Subcool Seeds.

Breeder Description:

A combination of Blue City Diesel with sour fruits from Timewreck, Locomotion is a very strong odorous line that’s also a very powerful medicine. Mostly indica-dominant with the odd plant leaning a little more 50/50 sativa/indica hybrid, Locomotion’s produces tight branching and large single rock-hard cola’s coated with sticky resin.Locomotion is a heavy head effect with body tones to soothe aching pains.This strain tastes just like it smells leaving your mouth coated in sour pineapple and fruits amplified tenfold with the diesel influence.

Genetics of the strain are: Blue City Diesel x Timewreck and it is Indica Dominant

Flowering time averages 55-65 days and this is an Photoperiod plant.

Typically seeds come in Regular packs and the yield is around High

This plant grows Medium and can be grown: Grows indoors, Grows outdoors

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