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Strain Review Guide for Master Kaze Regular Cannabis Seeds (Master Kush Skunk x Afghan Haze)

Master Kaze Regular (Master Kush Skunk x Afghan Haze)
Master Kaze Regular (Master Kush Skunk x Afghan Haze) is a cannabis strain by Mr Nice Seedbank.

Breeder Description:

This is a limited edition strain that has dominant Afghan side. The Master Kush is a proven winner along with the Skunk and Haze sides makes a lovely complex hybrid. This strain produces various phenotypes all which should yield better than average, are easy to grow and should have a twist of sativa from the Haze genetics. It is pleasure for those who like complex blends and a range of flavours that may not be on offer from so many other hybrids. For the medical grower there is everything you need in these genetics…it will be down to the individual to select the best mother that will suit all one’s needs…the range will be from a strong expression of narcotic Afghans to the euphoric effect of the Haze. It is a good yielding strain for indoors and out although beware of mould if there is early rain.

Genetics of the strain are: Master Kush Skunk x Afghan Haze and it is Indica Dominant

Flowering time averages 8 Weeks and this is an Photoperiod plant.

Typically seeds come in Regular packs and the yield is around Indoor: 400 – 500 gr/m² / Outdoor: yields good results

This plant grows and can be grown: Greenhouse, Grows indoors, Grows outdoors

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