Naked City Kush Regular – SinCity Seeds Review

Strain Review Guide for Naked City Kush Regular Cannabis Seeds

Naked City Kush Regular
Naked City Kush Regular is a cannabis strain by SinCity Seeds.

Breeder Description:

Lineage- (Larry OG x Sage N Sour) x Blue PowerFlowering Time- 55 – 65 Days Ratio0% Indica 30% Sativa Yield- 400-750 Grams Per Meter Squared Description- Dripping in terps and potency the Naked City Kush hails from the depths of SinCity. Gassy and greasy this indica dominate hybrid is not for beginners or people with low THC tolerance. This is the type of plants that requires 2x the carbon filters to keep the flowering smell under control. Buyer beware….

Genetics of the strain are: (Larry OG x Sage N Sour) x Blue Power and it is Indica Dominant

Flowering time averages 55 – 65 days and this is an Photoperiod plant.

Typically seeds come in Regular packs and the yield is around 400 50 gr/m²

This plant grows Powerful, Relaxing and can be grown: Grows indoors, Grows outdoors

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