Thunderstruck Feminized – SinCity Seeds Review

Strain Review Guide for Thunderstruck Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Thunderstruck Feminized
Thunderstruck Feminized is a cannabis strain by SinCity Seeds.

Breeder Description:

This s1 offering has the highest CBD/ lowest THC ratio of any of Sic City Seeds varieties, making it great for medicating people of all ages. Purely medicinal cannabis of the highest quality! Tremendous for people dealing with cancer as well as people suffering from epilepsy. 20-1 CBD to THC Ratio

Genetics of the strain are: ACDC x ACDC and it is Indica / Sativa

Flowering time averages 50 – 60 days and this is an Photoperiod plant.

Typically seeds come in Feminized packs and the yield is around

This plant grows Cancer, Epilepsy and can be grown: Greenhouse, Grows indoors, Grows outdoors

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